Compassion & Encouragement

It’s our approach to everything we do

We created Dragonfly Counseling & Wellness because we realize that personal growth and self-realization only takes place through a holistic approach – mind, body, and spirit.

While we believe that mental health and physical health are equally important to achieve a balanced, gratifying life, you’re always welcome to use individual services. Let us know what you hope to accomplish and we will work with you to find the service – or services – that will help you reach all of your goals.

The life you’re looking for starts here.

Our Mission

To provide individuals and families with a positive, culturally-sensitive environment aimed at fostering wellbeing and personal growth.

We believe in the power of diversity and inclusiveness, symbolized by the multiple colors that create our logo. At the same location, we offer a variety of services to accommodate a variety of needs and to include clients of different ages, sexual orientation, gender identity, beliefs, ethnicity, and cultural backgrounds.

Timely, private, and personalized services when you need them most


When you’re hurting you shouldn’t have to wait to receive support. That’s why, at Dragonfly Counseling & Wellness, we will schedule your first appointment within days – or even hours – of you reaching out to us.


We promote healing and change within a private context, where your diagnosis, treatment plan, and individual journey are kept private and confidential between you and your therapist.


You’re in charge of your healing journey. Our model empowers you to develop a personalized plan that best suits your needs without external impositions.